Stand for truth


Truth -means to believe that Jesus Christ is saviour of mankind. If we believe that Jesus is our saviour then we must follow all his laws and commandments. One aspect is to reveal the character of Jesus. Some times to get some concessions, some benefits from govt, for a job ,to get married we may deny Jesus. For us it may look small, or we may think we’ll pray to God and ask his forgiveness. But we are deny him our own benefit. Lord Jesus Christ expects us to stand for truth.  Eventhough we may be poor, jobless, going through various trial but Jesus Christ seeing us whether we deny Him or trust in Him.. When we trust in Jesus he will not only bless us worldly but also spiritually. He will never leave us nor forsake us. God expectation is in times of difficulties, trials, suffering we must trust and have faith in him. Let us pray to God receive grace to stand for truth.


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