All things are possible with God


“For with God all things are possible” -Mark 10:27

With God all things are possible. There was a testimony of an evangelist. Few decades back, that evangelist was a small preacher. He was serving the Lord as part time, spending his own money. He was married had a baby boy. It was during the month of December, he had spent all his money in God’s work.  On the day before Christmas he came home late night. His wife was very sad, because next day was Christmas, they had not purchased new dress for their only son.   The preacher was helpless, he thought even if he borrow money, it was late night, they can’t buy new clothes. But great faith came in him. He knelt down and prayed to Jesus Christ with tears. God heard his prayer , ask him to open a small box in his bed room. Preacher knew, that box was filled with old clothes. But with faith he opened, on top was old clothes, but beneath was brand new currency. A good amount of money enough to buy clothes for their entire family. He later enquired his wife, whether she would have kept there, but she was also surprised, it was God who did miracle by giving them money. This testimony seems to be unbelievable, but “with God all things are possible.”


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