Eternal Light !


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psa 119:105

I use to wonder why God has compared His word to 2 kinds of light.
Nce1.lamp- is gives a good source of light in all the directions but britness will decrease beyond few feet’s (10-15ft)
2.light unto my path- this can be compared to torch light. Which is can focus light up to kilometers.

This earthly life is like crossing a forest from one side to another side. Lamp gives light in around us to protect us from animals attacking us. The torch light gives us a focused bright light for more than a kilometer helps us trace the pathway, avoid obstacles like trees, stones, ditches. Our Lords word acts in both the ways , His word enlightens us makes us holy, perfects us and moulds us to His character. God uses us to save others. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, let us follow Him to inherit eternal life.when we finally finish our journey God expects that each one of us must take some people to heaven, we must not be empty hand .  Let God give us grace.


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