“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

Everybody has friends, boys , girls, young , old, rich, poor. Irrespective of caste, region or religion. Most of the people are open towards their friends, they share their happiness, sorrow, problems. People may hide things from their parents or spouse but they share their feelings with their friends. Jesus Christ says in the above versus that there is “GREAT LOVE” in ‘FRIENDSHIP’. Jesus is a Good Friend to us. Hence He lay down His life to save us from eternal hell. A good friend will risk his life to save his friend because that is his true love of friendship. The problems may be anything like sickness, financial crisis, etc. In any emergency in this present world, we most of us  trust in friends. There are some times even our close friends may not understand us. They may not be in a situation to help us, But our eternal friend Jesus will surely help us. Even job had four friends who came to comfort him, but were not able to do do.  God questions made him to think that no one can question almighty God. God permitted trials in Jobs life to prove that Job was an upright man on this earth. God finally blessed Job doubly all he had. Jesus our only true friend will never leave us or forsake. Let us pray to Jesus and build a good friendship with him.


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