God calling your name twice- Part 1


And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth.”- 1 Sam 3:10

God called Samuel twice. Samuel was only a small boy ( around 7yrs)  when Lord spoke to him. The creater of heaven and earth was seeking a person , so that He can share the burden of whole world. Samuel birth, life , and ministry was a special one. Samuel was a promised child, he grew up in temple of God (separated life), he did three kinds of ministry 1.Priest 2.Prophet 3.Judge. He was faithful to God in his work until end. 

Perhaps our name may not be a Samuel, but God calls everyone with a purpose, He needs them to do His ministry. But what we are doing is we are praying for our earthly blessing instead of   perishing souls. Though we may lack something’s in our life, but we must diligently hear the voice of God and do His will. Like Samuel we must also say “Speak; for thy servant heareth“. All God needs not a very talented person, But a person completely obedient in doing His will.

Dear readers in the above message there may not be correct English grammar, the revelation from God may not be deep. But I write it , only to encourage myself to grow spiritually. To spiritually grown people ,these messages may be simple not much significant but to unsaved people and new souls it may help them some way. Praise the Lord


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