God speaks !


I have many unanswered prayers. Thinking of those, only makes me weary. But when ever I commit sin, God convicts me through messages, bible or some other way. When God convicts, I question him, “Lord I have many unanswered prayers, but you won’t comment on those, but you warn  & ask me to correct my life when I go wrong, Why is it so? ”

Afterall I am an mortal man, made of clay, I have no rights to question God, but still in mind I question .

When we commit sin and God convicts, corrects us , we must be happy. We must set our life right.

To some of us , when we are on wrong path and when God never corrects us or warn us, we must not feel happy, we must neither feel our path is right. It shows that God has stopped speaking us. Because he would have already warned, convicted us, but our ears are deaf to His voice.

Its not too late, still when we look up to Calvary, and pray sincerely, ask forgiveness for our sins , God will forgive and forget our sins.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered”.-Psa 32:1


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