God gave me a cup of coffee !


Once I had gone to a Christian meeting. I stayed there for 3 days. The final day of meeting got over around 11pm. I went to staying quarters at 12am. Since it was midnight the shops were closed. At that time I said to my friend that it would be good if God gives me a cup of coffee. The very next minute another friend came to see with a cup of coffee in his hand. I was very much surprised. How could God answer my request so early. Hence I praise God very much. My friend on seeing me praising god, was surprised and said “you praise God so much, just for a cup of coffee ?”. Then I replied “for that cup of coffee at that time was much needed” hence I praised God.

God would have blessed many of us with good health, wealth, family, friends, job, etc. But we may be greedy and ask God for more things. Rather having gratitude and praise Jesus Christ for what he have given , we insist for more and more. Let us humble ourselves and thank Jesus for All the Blessings..

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;”- Ephesians 5:20


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