One bread, and one body


Partakers of Christ
“For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.” (1 corin 10:17)
Praise the lord for his grace. During the Holy Communion, we all eat the holy bread and drink the wine, which represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Even though we belong to different languages, different state, country, region by partaking in the Holy Communion we represent the one body of Jesus Christ and Jesus himself is the head of our body. We take part in Holy Communion to remember the death of Jesus Christ and waiting for his second coming which is rapture. To be the partakers of second coming of Jesus Christ we need to be partakers of:
Partakers for the sake of Gospel (corin 9:23)
Apostle Paul while writing to Corinthians, he mentions about the partakers of gospel. It means we need to proclaim the gospel to unsaved people. The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very near, only little time left, we are in the last days, hence we need to proclaim gospel to unsaved people. to proclaim gospel we need not be a scholar, great preacher, memorize the verses of bible, or we need a calling from god. If we have the love of Jesus, then we will be able to tell the gospel to whole world. You may be young or old, brother or sister, student, working person, retired person, unemployed, to proclaim gospel to unsaved is our most important duty.
We might be partakers of His holiness (Heb 12:10)
Be ye holy; for I am holy (1 pet 1:16)to be with Jesus in heaven, we must be like him, our standard of holiness is not enough to make us worthy to be with Jesus, hence we must become partakers of His(Jesus Christ) Holiness. Our sins are washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, therefore we become holy. The holiness we attain is not our holiness but holiness of Jesus. Even the holiness of greatest saint on this earth is negligible compared to holiness of Jesus. Hence we need to be partakers of Holiness of Jesus Christ to inherit the heaven.
Neither be partakers of other men’s sin (2 Timo 5:22)
Jesus Christ led a perfect life of holiness, love, faith and doing the will of god, but still he was crucified and killed. This is because of the sins of all mankind he bare the sin of many, the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all, (Isa 53:6, 12). this kind of partaking of sin was good to mankind. But we become partakers of others sin by watching movies, playing sports or games, drinking , smoking all kind of bad habits, we also sin by doing this and make our friends with us to sin. this kind of partaking in sin will bring wroth from god. Hence we need to be diligent not to commit sin and make others sin.
Ye all are partakers of my grace (Philip 4:7)
Apostle Paul while writing letter to the Philippians church, he mentions the above verses. we can become partakers of grace, by doing ministry to god like Sunday school ministry, tracts ministry, prayer ministry, jail ministry, village ministry, magazine ministry etc, all these ministry cannot be done by a single person but  a team  or group of people. Hence the blessing, grace will also be given to all the partaking people. The greatest partaker of grace , is sharing the grace of Jesus Christ, hence says “My grace is sufficient for thee”(2 corin 12:9) by the grace and mercy of our lord Jesus ,we will be able to be caught up in his coming.


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